Bathroom Remodeling Timeline With Step by Step Phases, Milestones, and Considerations

Bathroom remodeling projects tend to go a lot faster than other renovations like the kitchen, though it always depends on your vision, the existing space, the size, and the materials you select.

We can’t give you an exact date of when your project will be completed without all of the details. However, this bathroom remodeling timeline lays out what milestones to expect in each phase, an average of how long they take to complete, and a few things to consider along the way.

Prior to Starting Your Bathroom Remodel

Before you begin any bathroom renovations, there should be a few things on your to-do list.

Goals, Vision, & Priorities

First, it is important to outline the goals, final vision, and priorities of the project. Write down what you want to achieve with your bathroom renovation, how the final outcome should look, and where you are willing to make concessions if there are budgetary or sourcing concerns.

Lock In a Budget

We all have a budget to follow, so now is the place in the timeline to officially set the budget for the total cost. You’ll also want to be sure you choose how much is allocated to the big expense categories like countertops and flooring.
Tip: Add an extra 10-20% to your budget to plan for anything that may not go as planned. It is always best to be prepared!

Interview & Hire a Reputable Contractor

Once you have a plan and a budget, begin interviewing reputable contractors that are licensed, insured, experienced, and able to work with your given budget. If they don’t meet these guidelines, don’t waste your time. Also, many of the best contractors book several months out, so don’t hesitate to start interviews early.
Tip: We recommend interviewing two to three contractors and choosing the one that you feel would be a good teammate.

Phase 1: Pre-Construction

After choosing a contractor and giving them an idea of what you’d like, the first phase of the project, pre-construction, begins. In pre-construction, detailed plans are laid out to set your bathroom renovation up for success.

Design (2-3 weeks)

Bela Development uses 3D bathroom design to enable you to see exactly what the finished outcome will be. During this milestone, you’ll see physical samples and work with your interior designer to curate a 3D rendering of your dream bathroom renovation.

Architect & Engineering Plans (2-4 weeks)

Based on the 3D rendering you’ve collaborated on, our architects and engineers draft up blueprints. The blueprints are the building instructions for each part of the team to use so the final project matches your vision down to every detail.

Permits (2-4 weeks, varies)

Various permits are often required for bathroom renovation projects, though the specific requirements and turnaround time for obtaining them depend mostly on your location. However, sometimes it can depend on the scope of your project, too.

Materials Order (4-8 weeks, varies)

Occasionally, ordering materials is one of the milestones that are at risk for delays. This is because depending on your choices, things may be on backorder, need special ordering, or are custom-made. Here at Bela Development, we order your materials this far in advance so that if there are delays, we can communicate with you about all of your options.

Phase 2: Construction

Phase 2, the Construction Phase, is where the real hands-on work begins and the space goes through big changes.

Demolition (4-6 days)

Demolition is where your current bathroom will be stripped down to its bare bones unless there are sections you have collaborated with the contractor to keep.
Tip: Don’t forget to create a plan for waste disposal and expect the power and water to be off during this time.

Rough Framing (4-6 days)

Rough framing is the process of getting the structural support in place for the things to come. For instance, if you are expanding the shower, the wall framing will be put in place here.

Rough Electrical (4-6 days)

The rough electrical milestone is where the electrical wiring will be run to all the necessary places where outlets, switches, and more will later be finished.
Tip: Depending on where you live, sometimes an inspector must approve the electrical work before proceeding to the next steps.

Structural Changes (8-16 days if necessary)

Not every bathroom renovation requires changes to the structural integrity, but if yours does, it will take up a significant chunk of time in this phase. Structural changes are any manipulation that affects the structural supports of your home. For instance, if a wall is removed, a supporting beam may be constructed in its place.

Drywall (4-6 days)

The drywall milestone is where your new drywall will be hung and smoothed out to become the walls! You’ll begin to see the fresh space really come together beginning after the drywall milestone.

Paint (4-6 days)

In the paint milestone, everything that will be getting paint will be prepped, primed, and painted usually with two coats. Since it has to properly dry in between, there will be stages in this process which is why it may take longer than you thought.
Tip: Air out the area as much as you can after it's painted to avoid the strong smell.

Flooring (4-6 days)

Your choice of flooring type will determine whether the floors will be installed before or after the cabinets. For instance, tile is installed prior, though laminate is installed after.
Tip: Consider flooring that holds up to moisture and water well.

Cabinets (4-6 days)

As we mentioned in the flooring milestone, the cabinets may be installed before or after the flooring depending on your choices.

Countertops (10-14 days)

To get accurate measurements, the cabinets must be installed prior to finalizing the countertop measurements. Though you usually don’t have to worry about the upper cabinets in the bathroom like in the kitchen, it is still important the lowers are installed to get the proper overhang.

Backsplash (4-6 days)

Not everyone opts for a backsplash in the bathroom, if you do, it will be installed after the countertops. First, it’s applied to the wall, then it has to be grouted after.

Phase 3: Rough Construction (1-6 weeks)

Rough construction means demolishing the existing bathroom, building out structural features and framing the room. If you are keeping the same room footprint and appliance placement, this step could be completed in one week or less.

Phase 3: Finishes

Finishes are the details that take your bathroom from a half-completed renovation project to a beautiful, functional space.

Touch Ups (1-2 days)

The touch-up milestone includes walking through the bathroom while pointing out and marking any imperfections for your team to fix. You should make sure everything is exactly the way you envisioned during this milestone.
Tip: Don’t overlook anything since you are paying for the services. It should all be up to your standard otherwise you should speak up!

Appliance Installation (1-2 days)

Though the appliance installation milestone in a kitchen includes things like the dishwasher and refrigerator, though, in the bathroom, this is where things like your sink are installed for a bathroom renovation.

Hardware (1-2 days)

The hardware milestone includes everything from the faucet on your sink to the cabinet handles. This is also where they will hang things like the toilet paper holder and towel rack. It’s the last finishing touch besides cleaning up!

Clean-up (1-2 days)

At the very end comes renovation clean-up where any tools, trash, or extra materials will be removed. At Bela Development, we clean as we go to expedite this milestone so that you can get your own space back.

Install Backsplash (2-3 days)

Backsplash is the last major item to be installed. It usually takes two days, but could take longer if you’re creating a detailed design.
Tip: Scrub all surfaces before bringing in your towels and shampoo since there will likely be a layer of dust on everything even if you can’t see it.

Enjoy Your New Bathroom!

Congratulations! Once you have made it through all of the milestones, it’s time to bask in your new, relaxing bathroom! No matter what happens along the way, we promise it will fade into the background when you see the finished result.

Enjoy Your New Bathroom!

Congratulations! Once you have made it through all of the milestones, it’s time to bask in your new, relaxing bathroom! No matter what happens along the way, we promise it will fade into the background when you see the finished result.