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Do you have a garage space that is currently unusable? Every time you step into it, do you utter the words, “this has so much potential?” In the warm climate of Los Angeles, homeowners don’t have to worry about inclement weather forcing them to park their cars indoors for the winter. For this reason, there are hundreds of thousands of homes in Southern California with garages used for nothing more than storage space.

Our custom garage remodeling services include

Design Consultation

If you’re not sure where to begin with the design process, or just have a few gaps in the vision for your project, we’re here to help.

Custom 3D Designs

It can be hard to visualize a finished project just by looking at home designs on paper. Our custom designs give you a 3D view, so you know what a project could look like at completion before it’s even started.

Materials Sourcing

Those unique finishing touches you see on your favorite design shows don’t happen by accident. Our in-house design team can help match your personal style to special accents that make a space your own.

Budget Management

No need to fear that you’re blowing your budget while building your new home. We closely monitor costs to make sure you stay within your budget and get exactly what you asked for.

Site Documentation

Every step of the new construction process is documented and stored for later review. There will be no shortcuts or surprises as we build your dream home.


Building your dream home takes time, but we follow the schedule you are given at the beginning of the process. Aside from weather emergencies, our team works tirelessly to get your home built on time.

2023 Garage Remodeling Cost in Los Angeles

$70,000 - 130,000

A garage conversion in Los Angeles will typically cost between $70,000 and $130,000 depending on the size of the garage. California has made new ADU regulation changes that allow for more flexibility for many single-family homes. This means that Los Angeles homeowners can add living space or utility to a garage space. You can even rent out the living space in your garage conversion. Make sure you hire a licensed contractor who follows all local Los Angeles regulations so your conversion is up to code. If you’re only looking to make cosmetic changes to your garage like epoxy flooring or new shelves, the cost will be in the low thousands, but you’re probably not here for that.

Let’s talk about the price factors that determine the cost of turning a garage into a living suite, office, or home gym. There are three types of garage remodels: partial (new garage door, flooring, shelves), full (most common remodel used for car storage), or conversion (turning your garage into a living space). Lower end garage conversions include turning your garage into a utility room, gym, or mudroom. The factors involved in turning a garage into a living space include adding insulation (most garages are not insulated), flooring, heating and cooling, a gas line if you’re adding a kitchen, and plumbing if you’re adding a bathroom. The labor involved will include plumbing, flooring, carpentry, roofing, a handyman, insulation, and a general contractor.

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Our Project Portfolio

No matter your vision, we’re here to make it happen. Take a look at a few of our favorite design projects.

Our Clients

don't just take our word for it...

I had a wonderful experience working with Ben, Tom, and team on a recent bathroom remodel, and was really pleased with the quality of work. They were incredibly responsive, professional, and communicative, and offered design guidance and rationale for any decisions that needed to be made along the way. And I’m really happy with my new bathroom!

Sunny S. from Hollywood Hills, CA

- Houzz review

I contacted Bela Development to get a quote, and from the first site visit through completion of the project, Bela Development were a pleasure to deal with and the work exceeded my expectations. I had tried for months to get a “handy man” over to fix it, but they would either fail to return my calls or they would not show up for a scheduled appointment. I highly recommend Bela Development.

Devon D. from Los Angeles, CA

- Houzz review

I’m so happy with the work quality and professionalism of Ben and Ron with Bela. After contacting Bela over the weekend, they were here on Monday to provide an estimate, got to work two days later, and the work was completed by Friday! Not only that, the project managers came by multiple times to make sure I was happy with the work.

- Bryan E. from Venice, CA

- Google review

Great experience with Bela Development. Ben was very professional and courteous. We met with Ben and explained that we needed shower doors and installation. He described a few different solutions and styles and we decided on frameless shower doors with barn style hardware. The work was done on time and the result was excellent.

- Anita S. from Venice, CA

- Google review

Easy to work with, patient, knowledgeable and great with communication. He (Yossi) kept us updated every step of the way and always made himself available to address our questions or concerns. He went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the end result and helped us stay within budget while still accommodating our vision.

- Harika K. from Venice, CA

-Yelp review

Beautiful work, the workers wore masks and put down plastic on my floors where they walked on. I did make some changes in the middle of the project and they did it with no problems. I absolutely love my bathroom and highly recommend them! They’re not cheap but also not the most expensive. I’m really glad I went with them!!!

- Beverly R. from Venice, CA

- Google review

We talked to several different contractors, looking for someone who took the time to listen to our needs, had a good communication style, strong attention to detail, and a reasonable price. Bela Development topped the list in all three. We’re really happy with our new bathroom and would recommend Bela to anyone looking for a contractor!

- Robb K. from Culver City, CA

- Yelp review

We met with a lot of different contractors to discuss our garage-to-office conversion but ultimately chose Bela Development. From start to finish, they were very responsive and handled any speed bump exactly the way you’d want to. The crew worked fast, effectively and respectfully. We will call again, as soon as it is time for our next project.

- Grete H. from Santa Monica

- Yelp review
5 Star
5 Star
5 Star
5 Star

Garage Remodel Services

Did you know that 1 in 4 homeowners say their garage is too cluttered to park their car? A cluttered garage doesn’t have to be the case. Your garage can be transformed into a functional multi-purpose room like a gym, office, bedroom, and so much more.

Our Process

The first step in a garage renovation is determining what your needs are. Most garages are converted into a more aesthetically pleasing storage space. However, you may want to take it a step further and convert it into a work, hobby, or living space or an additional dwelling unit.

Whatever your needs may be, an in-person consultation is included in this first step when you work with Bela Development. Our team is straightforward and will tell you exactly what to expect with the price and timeline. When it comes to working with a contractor, you want someone upfront and honest. Especially when there are so many behind-the-scenes variables that you, the homeowner, may not be aware of.

After receiving your estimate, if you decide to work with our team, we won’t waste any time getting the project started, securing permitting, and ordering materials. One noticable difference between a great contractor and a less than great contractor is the quality of their work. Another excellent quality that doesn’t get talked about as much is their ability to do quality work in a short time. Our ability to do quick work is a result of our communication, efficiency, systems, and experience.

Garage Conversion Ideas

Still looking for some inspiration for your garage conversion? Don’t worry, you don’t need to come to us knowing precisely what you’re looking for. We can help jog your memory and coax out exactly what you and your home need.

Nowadays, 41% of the American workforce will work remotely due to the COVID-19 lockdowns. As the world opens up, many of us will still choose to work from home. This means that turning your garage into a workspace can be beneficial. You’ve likely already played with the idea of turning your spare bedroom into an office. Why not keep the spare bedroom and turn your garage into your workspace? Making your garage your specified productivity zone can help you stay free from human, animal, and electronic distractions.

Another fantastic idea is turning your garage into a rental unit. If permits allow, converting your garage into an Accessory Dwelling Unit (or ADU) can bring you extra rental income. We are expert detached garage remodel contractors and have done many of these projects in the past. Expertise in design and permitting, good relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, and excellent communication are all qualities that will get your rental unit project done right.

Our Team

Our team is responsive and can handle just about any speed bump from start to finish. Our crews work fast, effectively, and respectfully. You may think that a bunch of contractors will turn your house into a warzone, but that’s not the case with Bela. We treat every home like it’s our own. You may receive a few different estimates from contractors, but we hope that you see the team at Bela Development as the only one you should consider hiring. Just like your garage conversion will become an extension of your home, Bela will become an extension of your family during your project.

Final Words

Now more than ever we see the need for extra living space in our increasingly indoor lives. If you’re lucky enough to have a garage in LA, you should consider converting it to a more livable space. Choosing a contractor can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially as you’re running out of space in your home. Contact the team at Bela Development today to ease your worries and answer your questions about the garage conversion cost and process.

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