A Step-by-Step Full Remodeling Timeline

Wondering how long your dream full home remodel is going to take? Any extensive home remodeling project has a general process that follows a broad timeline.

However, the exact amount of time it takes to make it to the final outcome depends on a variety of factors including how involved the renovation is, the selected materials, the weather, and any complications that may arise along the way.

Below, take a look at the step-by-step full home remodeling timeline broken down into three main phases and the milestones that will be completed in each one. We’ll also give you some things to consider throughout.

Prior to Starting Your Full Home Remodel

Before you even start one task in your full home remodeling project, there is a to-do list you should complete.

Goals, Vision, & Priorities

The first thing that needs to be done before starting your home remodel is to think about how you picture the final space. Write down a description of your overall vision of the space like which colors, textures, and layout you envision. Additionally, include the goals you have for the project and what your “must haves” are because sometimes budgets can require compromise.

Lock In a Budget

Speaking of budgets, now’s the time to start solidifying the budget for your home remodeling project. Ensure you arrive at a number you can afford for the project in its entirety, then further break down how much of that budget is for each aspect so you can ensure you have accounted for those must-haves.
Factor in unexpected costs by adding an additional 10-20% of buffer room to your budget. Unfortunately, not every project goes exactly as planned!

Interview & Hire a Reputable Contractor

You are ready to begin interviewing reputable contractors once you have your priorities and budget locked in. Any company you consider should be licensed, insured, experienced, and able to work with your given budget.
We recommend interviewing two to three contractors that meet the requirements and going with the one that you feel would make the best partnership. Cheaper isn’t always better!

Phase 1: Pre-Construction

When you choose Bela Development as your home remodeling contractor, the first phase of the project is pre-construction. During the pre-construction phase, more official plans are made to set the project up for efficient execution.

Design (3-6 weeks)

Bela Development uses 3D home design so you can see what every detail of your renovation project will look like when it is finished. Work with our interior designer during this phase to bring the ideas from your head into a cohesive 3D rendering. You’ll also get to see some physical samples during this time as well.

Architect & Engineering Plans (4-8 weeks)

Based on the rendering, our architects and engineers will draft up blueprints that include the exact measurements of everything from the counter height in the kitchen to the placement of each electrical outlet. Think of this milestone as completing the building instructions that every part of the team will use to ensure your renovation is completed the way you intended down to the last detail.

Permits (2-4 weeks, varies)

Various permits are often required for any construction or renovation project, though the requirements and the time it takes to obtain them vary depending on your exact location and project specifications.

Materials Order (4-8 weeks, varies)

Materials often need to be custom-made or ordered several weeks in advance due to supply issues. Unfortunately, it is a milestone that occasionally gets delayed. To prevent this, here at Bela Development, we always order your materials right in the beginning so that if something is on backorder or will take an extended period of time to get, we have the time to explain your options and possibly go with an alternative.

Appliances (4-8 weeks, varies)

Appliances, like materials, can vary widely on how long they take to get which is why we order them before starting your project as well. However, you’ll see below that they are one of the last things to be installed.

Phase 2: Construction

Phase 2 is the Construction Phase and this is when many of the big changes are made. It’s an exciting time filled with some fun milestones.

Demolition (5-10 days)

Demolition is where any current finishings and elements that are going to be changed will be ripped out. This can be a full demolition or a partial depending on the extent of the planned home renovations.
Ensure you have worked out a plan for waste disposal and have arranged for the power and water to be turned off.

Rough Framing (5-10 days)

Rough framing is the process of getting the structural support in place for the things to come. For instance, if you are putting in a kitchen island, this is the milestone where the base will be framed out. It will also be when the studs for any new walls go in.

Rough Plumbing (5-10 days)

Rough plumbing is where all of the plumbing that goes behind the walls is placed. The plumbing fixtures like toilets and sinks will be installed and connected later in the remodeling timeline.

Rough Electrical (5-10 days)

Like with plumbing, the rough electrical milestone is ensuring that all of the wirings have been run to the places where there will later be outlets, switches, and appliances. Again, the finished coverings are not placed until later.
Depending on the city you live in, the electrical work may need to be inspected before proceeding on.

Structural Changes (8-16 days if necessary)

Structural changes aren’t necessary for every full home remodel, though if yours requires it, this milestone will likely take up the most amount of time in Phase 2. Structural changes are anything that has to do with modifying the weight-bearing structure of your home. For instance, if you remove a wall, a supporting beam may need to be installed.

Drywall (5-10 days)

Next up is the drywall milestone where all of the new drywall will be installed and smoothed out to create your walls! Once the drywall is in, it becomes easier to see how the finished space will look when it’s done.

Paint (5-10 days)

Of course, next, the drywall gets painted, but so does anything else. In the paint milestone, everything that is planned to be painted will be prepped, primed, and painted in the colors you have selected. Expect it to be done in stages so that the layers can properly dry in between.
Try to make sure you air out the house during the painting phase so that you don’t have to deal with the strong paint smell in the end.

Flooring (5-10 days)

Depending on the type of flooring you have selected, your floors may be installed prior to other elements like cabinets such as with tile, though others may be installed after.

Cabinets (5-10 days)

As we mentioned in the last milestone, your cabinets may be installed before or after your flooring depending on what material choices you have decided for the various rooms in your home.

Countertops (10-14 days)

The countertop installation process begins only after your cabinets have been installed because the countertops cannot be accurately measured until then. Since they cannot be measured until after the other milestones are completed, it takes more time to cut them to size and get them installed.

Backsplash (4-6 days)

A backsplash isn’t chosen in every home remodeling project, though if there is one thing in a kitchen that we recommend, it is to go for the backsplash. It ties the kitchen together and is easy to clean. We love a backsplash in the bathroom as well. With this milestone, the backsplash will be applied to the wall, then grouted.

Phase 3: Finishes

Phase 3 is comprised of all of the finishing details that take your home from clearly a construction zone to a completed functional and beautiful space.

Touch Ups (5-10 days)

When it comes time for touch-ups, the construction supervisor will walk through the space with you and encourage you to point out and mark any mistakes that you would like fixed usually with painter’s tape. This is your time to ensure everything came out just the way you envisioned it.
Don’t be shy! You are paying for the final results, so if something isn’t up to your standard, speak up!

Appliance Installation (1-2 days)

As the construction team begins to fix any touch-ups they need to do, your stove, dishwasher, and any other appliances will be installed and hooked up. At the completion of this milestone, you should have fully functional appliances.

Hardware (1-2 days)

Hardware includes everything from the faucets on your sinks to the cabinet handles and plates to cover unsightly areas like outlets. This milestone goes rather quickly but is an important step to making things functional.

Clean-up (1-2 days)

Finally, the last milestone and task to be completed is clean-up. During clean-up, the goal is to make it look like a construction crew was never there in the first place. If your contractor cleans as they go like Bela Development, there will only be a few things to pick up, so you can move your things back in after one to two days.
Scrub any surfaces before moving your stuff back in since there will likely be a layer of dust on everything even if you can’t see it.

Enjoy Your Full Remodel!

Congratulations! Once you have completed all of the milestones in the timeline, all that’s left to do is enjoy your newly remodeled home with your friends and family. Have some fun showing it off, make a nice dinner, and bask in the bliss of transformation!