West Hollywood, Los Angeles

We did a complete remodel for our customer, which includes:

  • removal of kitchen wall
  • new kitchen
  • changing 3 bathrooms to 2 big ones
  • new concrete floors
  • new paint
  • new switches and outlets
  • new sliding 25 feet door

You know something’s very wrong when a client requests you to take down one of their bathrooms. But after seeing the dingy quarter-bath that would barely count as a bathroom, we didn’t need any more convincing.
And we took it upon ourselves to make this bathroom worthy of a luxury hotel. Expanding the primary bath with a bathtub niche with an elegant, curved wall was just the start – the real deal was yet to be revealed.
Exquisite dusty blue walls, paired with zellige tiles and unlacquered brass fixtures made this bathroom virtually unrecognizable from its modest beginnings. The floating Blue Tahoe vanity added a tasteful finishing touch.

West Hollywood, LA – General Remodeling