Ins and Outs of Renovation

Whether you’re taking on a whole home renovation by yourself or hiring a contractor, you must understand what you’re getting into. Home renovations take time and cost money so having a plan for every step is crucial. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the elements of a major home renovation and give you an idea of what’s involved in each of them.

Start With The Design & Plan

When planning a remodel, start small with basic sketches, then expand it further on your own or with the help of an architect. Create a full list of every step necessary, then draw a simple “yes/no” to determine projects you’ll do yourself vs. projects you’ll have a contractor finish. In regards to finding a contractor, look for someone with experience doing what you’re looking for and who’s fully licensed and insured. Create a soft budget that leaves a 10 to 20% increase in budget.


Start demolition after the first batch of materials arrives. If you’re smart, you won’t order all of your materials at once. In the demolition phase, you’ll also handle framing if you’re adding space or restructuring. During demolition, you’ll need to rent a dumpster to dispose of waste.

You should expect to take 2 weeks in the demolition phase.

HVAC, Plumbing, And Electrical

This trio of systems is installed right after demolition because the walls and ceilings are open. HVAC contractors will install central heating & air while electricians and plumbers will install new electrical and plumbing systems.

You should expect to take 5 days in the HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical phase.

Framing And Drywall

About 80% through the last phase, you’ll want to start scheduling inspections so you can keep the ball rolling. A few tasks handled in the framing phase include the subfloors, walls, roof structure and shingling, and installing windows and doors.

You should expect to take 10 days in the framing & drywall phase.


The next step is to prime and paints the new drywall. Depending on the availability of flooring materials, the contractor may opt to install the floors first.

You should expect to take 1 week in the painting phase.

Interior Finishes

In this phase, the cabinets, trim work, visible plumbing, and faucets are installed.

You should expect to take 1 week in the cabinets & fixtures phase.

Doors & Windows

Install the doors before installing carpeting to ensure they can open and close freely. Some contractors like to install the doors and windows right after the framing phase.

You should expect to take 5 days in the doors and windows phase.


Depending on the waste, you may need to order another dumpster for the cleanup phase.

You should expect to take 1 day in the cleanup phase.