Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

Take away a cook’s stove, oven, and kitchen sink and watch their lives get very difficult. Deciding to renovate your kitchen requires weighing many options and making important decisions about how your life will continue without your kitchen.

This article will share a few tips on surviving a kitchen remodel. The custom kitchen remodels cost is not the only factor that your family needs to consider. When getting a kitchen remodel quote, you must also consider the time cost.

Create a Temporary Kitchen

When it’s time to start the demolition phase, find an area of your houses like the basement, dining room, or garage where you can set up a temporary kitchen. If you have a folding table, secondary appliances like a toaster, crock-pot, or microwave, and a fridge, you can enjoy a limited kitchen while your main one is renovated. A temporary kitchen allows you to enjoy homecooked meals when eating out eventually gets tiresome. Since you likely won’t have access to a dishwasher, use disposable plates and utensils.

Create Storage For Kitchen Materials

If you’re renovating your cabinets, find somewhere to store your cabinet pieces and other construction materials during remodeling. Just because your kitchen is a construction site doesn’t mean the rest of your house needs to look like one.

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Keep Kids And Pets Safe

Keep your kitchen closed off as much as possible from kids and pets who likely don’t know any better. Aside from hazardous dust and particles floating around, power tools, paint, and sharp objects can harm kids. Don’t get too bogged down with receiving a new kitchen price estimate that you forget about the pets and kids!

Freeze Food Ahead

The last week you have full access to your kitchen is crucial because you’ll have the opportunity to prepare meals ahead of time. Preparing meals like Lasagna or slow-cooked meats that can be frozen and reheated will save you tons of time, frustration, and money. If you can’t move your fridge to your temporary kitchen, invest in a minifridge or borrow one from a friend. Having non-perishable snacks like trail mix or canned goods can save the day when you’re short and time and hungry.

Don’t Start Until Materials Arrive

Most construction delays happen due to delivery delays of furniture, plumbing, and other materials. Many DIY kitchen remodelers make a big mistake by starting their renovation days, weeks, or even months before materials arrive. If you’re hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor, ask them not to take out the existing furniture and break the kitchen until all the materials are available.

Luxury kitchen renovations can take the longest because it can be challenging to track down materials like mahogany or oak. Ensure your contractor gives you an accurate timeline when preparing your luxury kitchen renovation cost estimate.

Final Thoughts

For families that utilize their kitchen a lot, surviving without it for a few months can be a tall task. Set aside a portion of your budget for the accommodations you’ll have to make, and be prepared to make a few sacrifices. Regarding budgeting, if you want a kitchen renovation estimate, get in touch with the team at Bela Development to schedule an estimate.