The 6 Awesome Custom Home Features for New Construction in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a bustling city with fantastic weather all year and is an excellent location for building new construction homes. If you are considering new construction in Los Angeles, get some inspiration from these 6 awesome custom home features to include in your design.

Moving Glass Walls & Big Picture Windows

With the sun making an appearance almost every day in Los Angeles, ensure your custom home design takes advantage of the energizing natural light.

A moving glass wall that allows the natural light to spread throughout the whole home is perfect. It also allows you to blend your indoor and outdoor spaces when it’s just the right temperature outside.

Now if a wall made of glass isn’t your thing, large picture windows paired with skylights can give you the same effect.

Add a Courtyard

Speaking of beautiful weather, your new construction in Los Angeles definitely needs a courtyard. By opting for a courtyard, you can have an outdoor entertaining space, kitchen, shower, firepit, or even a pool while having absolute privacy. Say goodbye to nosy neighbors!

Eco-Friendly Elements

Save money and the Earth by including eco-friendly elements in your custom home. This can include things like low-flow faucets, solar energy, bamboo floors, and rainwater collection systems. Not only will you pay less in utilities, but you’ll also lower your consumption footprint.

Upgraded Insulation Measures

Along the same lines as the eco-friendly elements from above, upgraded insulation measures can go a long way in saving you money and making a more comfortable home.

Go for the highest-quality insulation and don’t forget to insulate the attic and garage. You should also consider extra insulation within the foundation as much of your home’s heating or air escapes through the ground!

If you really want to go the extra mile, thick, double-paned windows and a layer of insulation under your flooring are fantastic finishing touches.

A well-insulated home uses less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature and it reduces noise a ton! Another added benefit is that the temperature of your home is also more even, so there’s not a random room that is always too warm.

Consider a Large ‘Mud Room’

A large ‘mud room’ is likely a feature you weren’t considering in your new construction design in Los Angeles as we sometimes associate a ‘mud room’ with farmhouses and snowy climates.

However, one of the attractions of California is how many outdoor sports and activities it offers. From surfing to hiking and more, an active, adventurous lifestyle comes with a lot of gear and messes.

Instead of tracking a dripping wet suit or dusty hiking pack through your home, including a large ‘mud room’ with an exterior entrance and washing tub keeps everything clean and in one place.

Built-In Whole Home Sound System

The feeling of a breeze through open windows with your favorite jams blasting is unmatched. A built-in whole-home sound system is next level for a custom build.

You’ll be able to hear your tunes from anywhere in your house so as you move from room to room cleaning or relaxing, there are no changes in the sound.

Having a built-in sound system is also very convenient for entertaining to put on some background noise or get the dance floor going depending on the occasion.

Ready to Build Your Custom Home?

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