The Building Services You’ll Need for a Full Home Remodeling Project in LA

Looking into a full-home remodeling project in Los Angeles? Despite what you might think, you’ll need to source several LA building services besides just a general contractor to pull off a full-home remodeling project.

Here are all of the building services you’ll need for a full-home remodeling project in Los Angeles.

Pre-Construction Planning

Before the remodel even begins, there is a lot of pre-construction planning that has to happen which requires several different professionals.


Site surveys are done prior to any residential construction projects to identify any hurdles that may arise so they can be addressed in the project plans. Surveyors utilize a variety of tools to get images, measurements, and more.


Though many homeowners are familiar with the inspection that oftentimes occurs after remodeling or construction is complete, pre-construction inspections are a best practice as well.

When undergoing a full home remodeling project, an initial inspection provides a detailed look at the starting canvas. Like surveys, it helps to provide a detailed look at what repairs may need to be added to the project plans.


Los Angeles like many cities requires various permits for almost any major changes made to a home. Though permits can be obtained by the homeowner, it is easier to let a professional handle them.

Architectural Plans

Architectural plans put your home remodeling vision onto paper with measurements to ensure all of the elements fit and work in the space. Architects can also help with design, though they mainly focus more on structural design versus interior design and finishes.

Engineering Plans

Engineering plans build off of architectural plans to ensure that the changes being made maintain the structural integrity of the home. They also make plans to bring everything up to local building code standards. The engineering plans are essentially step-by-step instructions to properly execute a home remodeling project.


Though your head may be full of ideas, it is quite helpful to utilize design services before beginning a full home remodeling project. Design professionals can show you a 3-D design rendering of how your space will look at completion so you can make any changes without it costing you additional time and money. They can also provide insightful information about which finishes to select.

Construction Execution

Once you have lined up the LA building services you need for pre-planning a home remodeling project, it’s time to think about the services you’ll need for execution.

Full Home Remodeling Contractor

Of course, for a full home remodeling project, you’ll need a full-home remodeling contractor. This contractor will need to have a team that is experienced in every aspect of home remodeling including wiring, plumbing, drywall, flooring installation, and more.

Project Management

Since there will be multiple team members working in sync to complete a full home remodel, you’ll need a project manager or coordinator. A project manager oversees the remodel as a whole to ensure everything gets completed as it should, in the proper order, and on time. They are like the coach of the home remodeling team.

Bela Development: All-In-One LA Building Services for Full-Home Remodeling

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