What Is A Subcontractor’s Role?

Are you thinking about getting your commercial property renovated or remodeled? Perhaps you are breaking ground for a new business, and you are digging into commercial construction. Whether you are facing a new construction, remodel or rebuild, you are deep into the conversation around the build. You may be hearing words used as part of a contractor’s language you have never heard before–such as subcontractors. What is the role of a subcontractor, and why are they important?

Subcontractors RoleWhat Is A Subcontractor?

Subcontractors are another type of contractor that may be hired by the construction firm you are using for your project. Usually, the role of a subcontractor is for a specialized area during a construction project. Think about a subcontractor the way you would a doctor. While you visit a general practitioner for everyday issues and checkups, there are times you need to see a doctor with specialized knowledge about a part of your body. The role of subcontractors in the construction industry is exactly the same – they have specialized knowledge needed on the site. This is especially true for large commercial construction projects.

Subcontractor roles and responsibilities on a jobsite might include electricians, framers, and plumbers. These types of construction require specialized knowledge and training that a general contractor may not have.

Benefits of Hiring a Subcontractor

General contractors hire subcontractors for their specialized knowledge, but there are other advantages to hiring a subcontractor. Subcontractors work to speed up a construction project. Because they are only working in one area, they are able to work quickly and efficiently. This means that subcontractors are able to keep the project moving forward. Because they specialize, subcontractors also give the project they were hired for all of their attention, instead of worrying about all of the little things general contractors have to worry about in a large project. The work quality of subcontractors is extremely high. General contractors often find a subcontractor they like and that they work well with. The contractor then uses the same subcontractor repeatedly because they like their work.

How Are Subcontractors Selected?

One of the first things a general contractor looks for when hiring a subcontractor is their reputation in the construction community. Contractors need a subcontractor who can provide amazing work, and leave their clients satisfied at the end of the process. Contractors also need to know that a subcontractor’s work will be able to pass inspection. No general contractor wants his or her project delayed because the subcontractor did shoddy work that can’t pass inspection.

Finally, a general contractor wants to pay a good subcontractor a fair price. This means that the subcontractor will bid for the job using fair market value. If a general contractor finds a subcontractor who is reasonably priced and does great work, on time, that’s who will be hired.

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