Los Angeles Interior Design Trends for 2021

More people recognize the value of good interior design now that we’re all spending more time inside. The era of trendy office spaces is no more – or at least on hold – as people focus on redecorating their homes to create enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing environments. This shift to at-home interior design can be largely attributed to COVID-19, but it’s also a byproduct of social media and the emergence of interior design influencers shaping modern trends.

You may have already watched a Master Class on interior design or have been closely following your favorite designers on Instagram, but if you’re dreaming of your own home remodel here are a few Los Angeles interior design trends for to look out for in 2021:

Los Angeles Interior design trends

Eclectic Spaces

For years we’ve been taught to believe that minimalism is the look of luxury, but nowadays, people are moving in the opposite direction. Eclectic styles implement tons of contrasting shapes, colors, patterns, and different styles altogether. A mix of Boho and Mid-Century Modern home design trends is becoming the norm, and it’s harder than you might think to pull off!

Get the look: Take a trip to your local vintage store to find mismatched framed photos and eclectic style decor. Think about adding a bold color to one or two walls in your space; add patterned rugs, pillows, throw blankets, and a mix of interesting coffee table books throughout your home. Unique vases, lamps, and lighting fixtures will also add to the look. Don’t be afraid to overdo it with the patterns.

Eclectic interior design

Bold walls

It’s been a while since we’ve seen this trend, but it’s making a comeback. Accent walls featuring a mix of dark colors are growing in popularity, usually as a way to break up space. Another place we see this is in kitchens and bathrooms. Many homeowners are ditching the all-white look for dark kitchen cabinets and countertops, molding, and shelving.

Get the look: Go big with your colors, and don’t be afraid to add some patterned wallpaper to your room. If you want to go with an eclectic style of bold walls, incorporate the wall color into your pillow and/or rug patterns. If you want a more modern look, add a mix of neutral and dark vases, art, and other finishes.

Interior design with bold walls

Curved furniture and statement pieces

This is a fairly new trend we haven’t seen since the 60s. Curvy, puffy sofas and chairs, wardrobes, and ottomans are a feature of many expensive-looking homes in 2021. A few larger retailers have already taken on this newest trend, and they’re charging quite a lot to get in on it. If you’re willing to spend the money on a curved sectional, you’ll quickly have the coolest living room in town.

Get the look: Decide where you’re going to put your statement piece and build your room around it. You should consider a more minimalistic design for your room since your curvy furniture is meant to be the space’s focal point.

Curved furniture pieces

Warm earth tones

Moving back to minimalism for a moment here, warm neutrals mixed with abstract art make for an ultra-cozy interior. This design is already popular in desert areas like Palm Springs, but it’s slowly taking over the U.S.

Get the look: Start with a neutral-colored sofa, duvet, or cabinetry (depending on your space) and build warm colors around it. Pops of color should be somewhat minimal, but you can always incorporate them into your artwork and other decor. Pro-tip: Earth tones mix perfectly with curvy furniture!

interior design with warm neutrals

Sleek kitchen design

People spend years thinking about their dream kitchen, and trends in this area have changed a lot over the years. Today we’re looking for sleek designs with fully integrated hardware and hidden appliances. Open shelving is out, and metals are in. Newer, more modern kitchens use less wood and more stainless steel, with a heavy emphasis on clean lines and dark marble.

Get the look: Home remodeling isn’t the simplest DIY project, so you may want to involve a contractor on this one. We specialize in contemporary design and can guide you through the entire planning process, as well as the actual construction. Like we did for this kitchen remodel in Los Angeles, an outdated space turned modern and luxe.

Bela Designed kitchen in Los Angeles

Gallery walls

People are filling large empty walls with tons of mismatched framed photos. This goes with a more eclectic style but can be adjusted to fit other minimalist styles as well. Showcase your art in a unique way.

Get the look: This one’s pretty easy, buy some frames and some art and hang them on an open wall. You can either use uniform frames to make the wall look organized or hang different sizes in a pleasing way over a dark or wallpapered wall.

Gallery wall

Outdoor spaces for all day

This trend has really taken off since the first COVID-19 lockdown, especially in sun-drenched locales like Los Angeles. Outdoor spaces that had never been used or even looked at suddenly became a huge opportunity for improvement. More people are utilizing their outdoor spaces for lounging, dinners, workouts, and more.

Working with a larger backyard? Add a high-quality outdoor dining table and some sunbathing or lounge chairs to make the space enjoyable all day and night. As long as you keep the clutter away and do your best to keep your garden looking fresh, it’s hard to go wrong here.

Get the look: It’s possible to elevate any outdoor space. Whether you have a small balcony or an XL backyard, there is a way to make it more than just a place to get fresh air. Add a small garden to your balcony, but sure it isn’t cluttered. If you’re adding string lights, take special caution to ensure they look uniform.

Bela designed backyard

If you’re thinking about taking on a new interior design project to refresh and reset your home in Los Angeles, Bela Development can help all of your dreams come to life. Schedule a free consultation to find out about all of our fabulous design services in Los Angeles.