5 Reasons to use the Design-Build method

We firmly believe that the design-build method is the superior residential construction method. The design-build method brings design and construction functions together as one team under one single contractual entity. This means very clear standards are set and all the work is handled under one roof. The alternative is the design-bid-build method.

There are several more benefits to using the design-build method. This blog post will discuss them and discuss the difference from traditional methods.

Design Build Vs. Traditional Construction

The big difference between design-build and traditional construction is the single source of contracting. Instead of working with multiple subcontractors and crews, all labor is performed under one umbrella. Our culture at Bela Development is one of collaboration and teamwork because we handle so many different moving pieces.

In traditional construction, the owner will hire a designer and open bidding to contractors. The first thing a contractor will do is figure out what tasks they can handle and what tasks they’ll need to find subcontractors for.

This immediatly creates two problems:

  1. A four-party feedback disconnect is created between the owner, construction company, designer/architect and the subcontractors.
  2. The delivery speed is increased (as much as doubled) by the feedback disconnect and the time it takes to find subcontractors.

With that said, the one benefit to the design-build method is that 99% of construction companies in America operate this way. This means you have more options when finding a contractor to get the job done.


The design-build team is one unit working together to exceed the owner’s expectations. Since our team was assembled long before taking on a project, we’re already comfortable working with each other. In the design-build process, the owner is encouraged to get involved with the designer and construction crew from the beginning ​​pre construction planning all the way to the end.
Higher Accountability
When the same entity that designed the project builds it, there’s guaranteed to be a higher attention to detail to the design, budget, and material quality.

Higher Expertise

Working with a design-build team gives you the benefit of working with an established in-hous team of designers, and specialized contractors. Builders like Bela Development bring a wealth of construction experience at every checkpoint of the design phase.

Save Time & Money

Staying on schedule is a top priority for any construction firm. Design-build operations involve hundreds of intersecting timelines that must be coordinated. The ability to get and give real-time feedback and make proactive decisions compresses timeframes, thus saving money.

One Point Of Contact

Instead of working with multiple different parties, working with a design-build firm means the owner has to work with one single point of contact. This point of contact will either be a project manager or the owner of the firm.