Advantage of Construction Management

Compared to most construction firms, Bela Development does business differently. One difference is our construction management capabilities. We have our own effective techniques to oversee the planning, designing, and construction of projects from beginning to end.

Construction management is the professional service that provides the effective delivery of a construction project. This process includes a collaborative approach including the customer when problems arise or changes must be made.

A competent construction manager will balance the needs of workers, wishes of the customers, scope, schedule, and budget. For a project to finish successfully, a number of moving parts involving multiple parties must be in sync. At Bela Development, the professionals that handle this are our project managers.

This blog post will discuss the advantages of construction management when tackling construction projects like a complete home renovation, ADU conversion, or kitchen/bathroom remodel.

The Customers’ Best Interests Always Come First

The owner’s interests always take precedence, and a construction manager can act as their representative. The construction manager can effectively relay communications between the construction team and customers to avoid confusion. When the owner’s best interests are respected, the project’s best interests (on time, on budget) can be achieved.

Our project managers coordinate with engineers, architects, contractors, and even city officials to make sure everything runs smoothly. In our opinion, construction managers pay for themselves many times over.

Maximizes Communication & Minimizes Conflict

As construction crews work deeper into a project, the communication tends to drop off. Crews feel confident in their execution of the plans and no longer feel the need to check in as frequently as they used to. Effective construction management keeps the communication loop open preventing conflicts. With their eyes on the big picture at all times, construction managers can cut through conflict and resolve issues.

Can Save You Time & Money

Construction managers must receive input from multiple sources and organize it into a plan of action. Integrating project participants and organizing the flow of information is crucial to keeping projects on schedule and on budget. A logical order of tasks must be followed to minimize downtime and wasted labor.

Enhanced Quality Control

With their industry knowledge, construction managers can quickly review work and disapprove of defective materials and poor workmanship. The construction manager will also work closely with the owner to understand the quality expectations and at times set reasonable expectations for the owner based on their budget. The longer a project takes to complete, more and more mistakes will be made.