8 Amazing Trends in Kitchen Design for 2022

The kitchen is the heart of the home and since we spend so much time there, it should be a space that is functional and beautiful. If your space isn’t working for you, it is probably time for a change.

Kitchen-and-Hallway-View-Stainless-Steel-Fridge-Munevar-Rd-Cardiff-ADUHave you been thinking about kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles? Get some up-to-date inspiration with these eight amazing trends in kitchen design for 2022.

Bold Colors and Accents

Traditionally, kitchens are more neutral with their color schemes often leaning towards wood tones, nudes, and whites. However, in 2022, we have been seeing a big shift towards bold colors and accents. We expect this trend to continue. Think colored cabinets, bright backsplashes, mixed metals, and interesting textures when picking out new finishes.

A Focus on Durability

In 2022, homeowners are no longer sacrificing durability to have certain, popular materials. For instance, previously, marble countertops were the coveted choice, but they are porous, easily stain and scratch, and are high maintenance. Now, more durable countertops, like quartz, are in style. Apply this to all of your finishes.

Sustainable Additions

Now more than ever, sustainability in home design is important to homeowners. In the kitchen, this has manifested as energy-efficient appliances, recycled materials, and additions that promote a “green” way of living like built-in composting areas.

Eric-and-Betty-Chin-3104-Stanford-Ave-Marina-Del-Rey-CA-90292-Kitchen-Remodel-05-1.jpgMore Space

As we begin to make more meals at home due to expense or health, many of us have realized that we need more space in the kitchen. One of the new kitchen design trends in 2022 is to add spaces like a working/butler’s pantry, wine cellars, and giant islands.

Customization to Lifestyle

Catering your home to your own lifestyle rather than something out of a magazine is becoming increasingly popular in 2022. Think of everything you do in your kitchen each day and consider adding elements that will cater to your lifestyle. Entertain a lot? Add more space for seating. Always on the go? Create space to prepare things in advance.

Storage Galore

Between having a kitchen appliance for every situation, serving platters, and trying to keep groceries stocked, storage is a hot commodity in the kitchen. Follow the trend of adding more storage to keep everything organized and never run out of room for the next fancy small kitchen appliance.

Bringing In Tech

There is technology in every aspect of your life and now in 2022, it is making its way into kitchen design. Smart appliances, voice-activated lights, and touch-sensitive faucets among other things are on the rise.

Kitchen appliancesEasy to Clean

If a global pandemic taught us anything, it is that we need easy-to-clean surfaces. Homeowners are now opting for easy-to-clean finishings like vinyl floors, microbe-resistant handles and faucets, and non-porous countertops.

Make a Plan to Remodel Your Kitchen

Start making a plan to create your dream kitchen. Get a free quote from Bela Development, your expert kitchen remodeling contractor in LA. We can help make all of these kitchen design trends a reality in your own home.