Top 5 Reasons Your Home Needs an Addition

Tossing around the idea of a home addition? Though it may be a big undertaking, homeowners never regret a home addition.

Before you contact a general contractor in LA, solidify your home addition decision with these top five reasons your home needs an addition.

Reasons Your Home Needs an AdditionA Great Alternative To Moving

The first thought when you outgrow your current space is to move. However, a home addition can save you time, money, and stress. A home addition often costs less than a new bigger house, doesn’t require spending the time looking for exactly what you want and packing everything up, and is highly customizable.

Create a Space For What You Need

Specialized space is something that only a home addition can give you. Choose to put in a room for your hobbies, a big master bedroom to relax, a play area for the kids, or a guest wing for frequent visitors. Whatever you are lacking in your home that is specific to your lifestyle, you can achieve it with a home addition.

Home addition ADUIncrease Your Home Value

A home addition adds square footage and the more square footage a home has the more the value increases. Additionally, with any home addition, you add features that are highly sought after meaning that if you end up selling, your home will attract top dollar.

Make Extra Income

We all could use some extra income to diversify our finances. A home addition can give you and your family more space, but it could also be used to make some cash! Add on a small apartment to rent out or build a large home office with tons of storage to run a business out of your home and save on commercial rent.

Plan For The Future

None of us may know what the future holds, but we can still try to plan for it. Add a home addition to give you and your family the opportunity to grow into the space even if you don’t need it right now.

You could add a suite to be able to take care of aging parents once they need assistance, additional bedrooms if you want more kids eventually, or just add a multi-functional space that can accommodate new hobbies or anything else that might come up.

Are The Ideas Flowing?

Now that we have your brain churning with great ideas, we are sure that you are ready for a home addition. Start today and get a free quote from us here at Bela Development, your expert general contractor in LA.