Bathroom Remodeling Costs

This article will discuss the bathroom renovation cost using various viewpoints. You can break down the cost of a bathroom renovation by the cost per square foot or by a percentage breakdown of each portion of a bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Renovation Cost Per Square Foot

The average bathroom remodeling cost per square foot is between $125 to $300. Factors that determine the square foot price are the quality of labor and the type of materials used. If you’re doing a DIY bathroom renovation, you can expect to pay about half as much since you won’t pay for labor.

Bathroom Redesign Cost Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of each portion of a bathroom redesign:

  • Design fees: 4%
  • Installation: 20%
  • Fixtures: 15%
  • Cabinetry and hardware: 16%
  • Countertops: 7%
  • Lighting and ventilation: 5%
  • Flooring: 9%
  • Doors and windows: 4%
  • Walls and ceilings: 5%
  • Faucets and plumbing: 14%
  • Other: 1%

These figures are recommendations, not rules, because each project is different. The rest of this blog post will break down each category of a bathroom remodel

Design Fees

Should you hire a designer for your bathroom renovation?

The short answer is. “Yes.”

Although bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house, they are very complex because they involve many different moving parts. For a standalone bathroom design, a designer will charge anywhere from $500 to as much as $10,000. You can hire a standalone bathroom designer, or hire a company like Bela Development who has a full time design team. Our team can include the cost of a total bathroom remodel.


The average labor cost to remodel a bathroom is $1,500 – $5,000. Remodeling contractors will charge around $50 to $100. Remember, you’ll likely also have to hire a plumber and electrician who will charge around the same rate.


Luxury fixtures are all the rave nowadays as manufactures make luxury goods that are more cost effective. Bathrooms are one of tee most used rooms in the home, expect fixtures to cost about 15% of the total budget.

Cabinetry and Hardware

Bathrooms pose a unique challenge because of the professional skill needed to build and/or install cabinetry. If you want to upgrade your bathroom cabinetry you’re best bet is to discuss the average bath remodel cost with a licensed remodeling contractor.


When installing new countertops, you also should factor in the cost to remove the old vanity, dispose of materials, and replace and extend the plumbing. Expect to pay between $500 to $4,000 to install a new vanity countertop.

Faucets and Plumbing

You won’t have much of a bathroom without a shower, faucet, or plumbing. You’ll have many shower option including acrylic, ceramic, and porcelain. Showers can vary in cost from $1,500 to $4,000. Often times in bathroom renoavtions, the shower is moved or extended, which will increase the price.