Interview With Employee

Every day is busy at Bela Development as our team runs around giving home remodeling estimates, drawing up plans, and securing permits. We intentionally fill our schedules with new challenges that we wouldn’t be able to make work without our tireless employees. We decided to interview one of those employees, a project manager, to tell us what it’s like to work at Bela Development.

Let’s get into the interview:

So, first question, why did you come to work with Bela?

I was looking for a company that focused more on professionalism and perfectionism instead of sales and in Bela, the owners, Tomer and Ben, are looking to provide a very good product and to make every client happy and 100% satisfied, nothing less.

That’s number one.

Why do you like working here? What pleases and interests you the most when you come to work in the morning?

As a project manager, there are always new challenges. There are always new projects that we didn’t do before, which forces us to be very creative in finding the best solutions for clients. We’re constantly getting into bigger projects that challenge us every day.

Other than that, working with the team is very pleasant. The atmosphere in the office is always really nice and Ben and Tom are very chill people.

What achievements in the company are you proud of?

I’m proud that we’ve maintained a five-star review average on almost all platforms. It reflects our hard work, and I hope that it stays this way.

What difficulties did you encounter at work and how did you solve them?

We face difficulties on a daily basis between no-shows at work, mistakes on the job, and the occasional installation not being up to our level of expectation. That’s why we, project managers, ensure that we maintain this very high quality on job sites by our guys doing their work to our quality standards.

There you have it from the mouth of someone who lives and breathes construction. An organized, productive, and team-driven work environment creates happy employees. When employees are happy, customers can be made happy as well. Everyone on the team at Bela Development is here to make sure that we maintain our 5-star reputation.