5 Signs That It’s Time For A Complete Overhaul

We always say that repairs aren’t just completed on a whim but as a necessity to live comfortably in your home. If you need a little help deciding if it’s time to repair your home, this quick blog post may help.

Here are 5 signs that it’s time for a complete overhaul in your home.

There’s Mold or Water Damage

Mold caused by water damage can be a perpetual problem in homes with structural damage. Experts estimate that mold is present in up to 60% of American houses. If the mold is due to water damage, this may be a sign that it’s time to remodel your home while fixing the damage.

When remodeling, you don’t have to bring your home back to where it was before. No, you see damage to your home presents you with an opportunity to actually improve it and make it more liveable than it was before. When water enters your house, the damage is usually total, leaving you with a long remodeling process.

The Design Is Outdated

Older homes can be charming, but certain designs are so outdated they need to be abolished from your home immediately. Maybe you live in your parent’s old house or you bought it from retirees, the fact is millions of outdated homes are purchased every year. Instead of living with someone else’s style and preferences, remodel the home to your liking.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Update The Windows: If the home has outdated Venetian blinds or plastic vertical blinds, replace them with drapery panels.
  • Open Up Space: Modern homes have a spacious feeling that’s often lacking in older ones.
  • Replace The Cabinets: Cabinets are a great bang for your buck home remodeling job. You can also replace old laminate countertops with more modern material. Reach out to us for a full house remodel cost or kitchen improvement cost.
  • Update Your Bathroom: If it’s time for a complete remodel, the bathroom may be the place to start with. Replace the old tub and plastic curtain with a walk-in shower with a glass door, for example. Don’t let the cost to redo a bathroom get in the way of your happiness.

Insufficient Lighting

Outdated and insufficient lighting is a problem that plagues many homeowners. Rooms are too dim when they need life and too bright when the mood calls for a few shadows. Another aging factor is oyster lights and, excuse our French, “boob lights”. A great modern touch in homes is accent lighting and dimming options to add a bit of drama to a room.

Sometimes, the problem doesn’t lie in lamps or light bumps, but in the wiring itself. Electrical and low voltage wiring can’t be changed without repair since it fits into the structure of the home.

There’s A Severe Lack Of Space

One of the top signs that your home is hopelessly outdated and is in dire need of a complete overhaul is a cramped space. Don’t resign yourself to a home devoid of space making you feel like a dog in a cage. What’s ironic is that in many homes that lack space, there are rooms that are unused or underutilized.

Final Thoughts

Don’t hide your desires when it comes time to renovate your home. Bela Development is ready to change your home and your life. Tell us your desires and we’ll carefully prepare a renovation that’s safe for your family and aesthetically pleasing.