TOP 7 Pros of Building A House With A Company (DIFM) Like VS DIY

Your eyes may be green with the idea of all the money you’ll save by building a home yourself. People who have few handyman skills and the tools may feel qualified. However, there are many more advantages for hiring a skilled builder to construct a home for your family. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss seven pros of the DIFM (Do it for me) strategy.

Strategic Budget Saving

You may be thinking, “if I’m paying for a contractor, I’m going to be paying for materials and labor. If I do all the work myself, I’m just paying for materials.”

Here’s the truth.

You are going to pay either way. You’re going to pay to haul materials yourself. You’re going to pay for day laborers when you realize you can’t mount the framing all by yourself. You’re going to pay to rent costly equipment. Most of all, you’re going to pay with your time. When remodeling a home, there are dozens, if not hundreds of ways that you can save money. It takes a skilled contractor who’s looking out for their client’s best interests to find those savings. We call it strategic budget savings.

We Have A Team Full Of Experts

Bela Development doesn’t just operate a few crews. We’re a team full of licensed contractors, project managers, designers, and engineers. Our expertise in every corner of home improvement allows us to spearhead every step of the new home construction process. Everything from on-site coordination, inspection, permits, site documentation, budgeting, and scheduling is handled by our team.

You Don’t Have To Skip Over Wants Because Of A Lack Of Knowledge

We never back down from a challenge at Bela Development. And if there’s one thing that we face every day trying to make the dreams of L.A homeowners come true, it’s a challenge. We receive crazy wishlist items that, to a DIYer would be impossible (and downright dangerous).

We Have Trusted Suppliers And Partners

It takes a lot of efforts to decide what materials you want for your home in the planning phase. Then, after all that time, you actually have to go find those materials. Unfortunately, you won’t find everything at Home Depot and Lowe’s. You’ll have to search for less common items if you’re going the DIY route. We can save you that time and money because of our relationships with suppliers.

Save Valuable Time

On the topic of time, we can save you a great deal of it. Time is one resource you can never get back. Building a home is a full-time occupation if you want it completed in a reasonable timeframe. When you spend building your home, you could be spending it earning money doing what you do best.

We Have A Solid Reputation

Lastly, if nothing else, we have a rock-solid reputation here at Bela Development. Our clients love the work that we do and we take great pride in maintaining that reputation. We offer everything from low-cost home construction to luxury home construction. If you’re curious about the cost of building or remodeling a house, give us a call today.