How to Plan the Perfect Backyard Remodel in Los Angeles

Indoor-outdoor living is one of the greatest things about residing in Los Angeles. The lack of seasons may hinder some from making a move out west, but true Angelinos know that having pleasant outdoor time year-round is well worth missing a color change or two. Of course, if you live on the Eastside, your relationship with summer might be just a little bit different.

Either way, if you’re lucky enough to own property in LA with backyard space, you should be utilizing it. Landscape design in Los Angeles can mean a variety of things. Without having to worry much about rain or humidity, you can customize your backyard space to your liking. Turn your backyard into a gathering space, a workshop, a party venue, or an activity zone – the choice is yours, and the opportunities can be pretty exciting.

Coming up with backyard landscaping ideas simply requires some planning and knowledge on the part of the homeowner. Before you can start building, ask yourself how much effort you’re willing to put in. Giving yourself a clear set of expectations is a necessary first step in any home improvement project.

From here, it’s time to start the planning process! Here are your best tips for planning the perfect backyard makeover.

Bela Development designed backyard


What would you like to see in your backyard?

If the sky’s the limit when it comes to space and material, start thinking about what you’re missing in your home and what you’d like to see in a backyard. Some common backyard remodel ideas include grading, adding turf, putting in new furniture, adding a pool, and so much more. Decide what you want out of your new backyard.

Friends enjoying a landscaped backyard


Planning for a backyard remodel

Like any other construction project, planning for a backyard remodel is a critical step in the process. First, determine whether or not your project requires city permitting or approvals. Backyard landscaping could require heavy machinery and coordination with city officials to be carried out correctly. Larger projects like an ADU build will absolutely require diligent planning and legal work, as well as some architectural and engineered plans depending on the amount of work you’ll be doing.

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Don’t start a project without budgeting first – you might end up on Architectural Digest’s list of worst construction fails! Budgeting may feel like a hindrance to your creative process, but it will actually allow you to work better within the required parameters. If you’re hoping for a pool, but you don’t have the money to pull it off, delay the project and save up for a year or two. Otherwise, you can choose a different social-focused backyard landscaping project.

Poor budgeting can lead to you having to stop construction halfway through your remodel process. This lack of foresight can end up costing you a lot more money in the future, so it’s best to be realistic in the planning phase. At Bela Development, our team is ready to help through every stage of the remodel planning process, including budgeting. With our help, you can confidently start construction with a comfortable budget in mind.

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Come up with a timeline

If you’ve ever done a home remodel in the past, you know that delays are all but guaranteed. Be sure to plan for unexpected delays if you’re setting a deadline for your backyard remodel. Assuming you want to enjoy your new yard by next summer, start the planning process as soon as possible. Anyone who’s worked on a landscape remodel in Glendale knows that once the summer heat hits, the project becomes that much harder to complete. Give yourself a realistic timeline to plan from!

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Work with a trusted project manager

Backyard landscaping can lead to lots of surprises. Even if that doesn’t mean finding prehistoric bones buried on your property like this Las Vegas couple, there are a handful of obstacles that would be better handled by a professional design team like Bela Development. Our experienced designers, architects, engineers, and project managers will assist you every step of the way to ensure your project is finished on time and under budget. When you work with a project manager, you take out the guesswork for designing, permitting, and even decorating.

Plus, working with a well-established general contractor could end up saving you money. Bela’s excellent vendor relations means we get the lowest prices for the materials you need.

landscaper working on a backyard

Don’t let a perfectly good backyard go to waste. From landscape exterior remodel in El Segundo to a pool house build and renovations in Pasadena, Bela will help you get the backyard you’ve been dreaming of. Find out all you can do with your backyard space and book a free consultation with us today.