5 Best Garage Conversion Ideas for Los Angeles

Now more than ever, we recognize the value of extra living space. Space to exercise, to work, to eat and relax, and space to carry out an entire day while working from home or letting off steam has become a necessity for anyone living in Los Angeles.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage in LA, you might want to consider converting it into a more livable space, and here’s why:

For the most part, your garage is a static space. You might be using it to store your car and other belongings, but it has the potential to be much more useful. Most garages are already fitted with electrical wiring and outlets, and depending on where you live, your garage might even be insulated. No matter what you do with the space, much of the groundwork has been laid for you.

If you’re still searching for some inspiration about what to do with an empty, unused, or underappreciated garage space, here are five of the best garage conversion ideas for people living in LA.

Converted garage

1. Home Office

41% of the American workforce expects to stay remote following the COVID-19 lockdown. If you’re one of those people or you are simply looking for an upgraded work or study space, your garage is the perfect place. Chances are, you probably already have the electrical work done and a few outlets in place. Check your breaker box for the output you have available. You should be able to run one or two computers, a light, a fan, and even a TV inside of your garage.

The idea with a converted home office is to use up all the space you have available. Make your garage home office your specified productivity zone. If you find that you’re easily distracted while working from home, getting into the mentality of leaving your house and entering an office can do wonders for your psyche.

The goal of a garage conversion is to make it feel like an extension of your home. That means leaving behind the markers of a garage, like metal storage shelves and stark materials. If it’s within your budget, lay down new flooring to give the room some warmth or stain the concrete to give the space a fresh, industrial look. Your remodeling plans should also include ways to let in natural light and airflow. Whether that’s closing off the existing opening to put in a smaller door or putting in new garage doors with windows, it can increase productivity to create a space that feels comfortable.

home office

2. Gym or Yoga Studio

A converted garage is a perfect space for an at-home gym. You could save thousands by purchasing your gym equipment. All you need is open space to set it up. Convert your garage door into a clean, bright wall of windows that can be opened for air circulation, plug in a few fans to keep it cool, and invest in padded flooring to soften up the space (and save you from joint pain).

Another great use of space is a yoga studio. If you don’t have the space or money for gym equipment, purchase customizable padded flooring and enter your zen zone. Keep light weights and bands in your studio for floor work, and make the space versatile for different workouts.

Not only will you save money by working out at home, but you’ll also keep unsightly gym equipment and sweaty, smelly yoga mats out of your home.

yoga studio in a converted garage

3. Rental Unit

If you own your home and you’re looking for ways to make extra cash, your garage can be a great source of rental income. Of course, this project will require a bit more work than our first two garage conversion ideas, and you’ll need to submit your plans to the building department. Converting a garage into a rental unit officially makes it an Accessory Dwelling Unit (or ADU for short). Accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles require a bit of planning, getting creative with the floor plan and more in-depth mapping of your remodel, not to mention installing a bathroom, kitchen, and living areas that follow city guidelines.

Rules are put in place to ensure that the residents of your ADU in Los Angeles are provided with proper living conditions. If you’re looking to keep costs low, it can help to work with a garage conversion contractor like Bela Development. Expertise in design and permitting, good relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, and excellent communication are all qualities that will get your rental unit project done right.

Garage rental unit details

4. Guest House

A guest house ADU garage conversion can add considerable value to your existing home. Not only will it be more valuable to future buyers, but it also makes visits to your house more pleasant for family members, friends, and live-in nannies for parents with young children. A guest house is also a great space for adult children living at home or elderly parents in need of closer care.

For a guest house, you’ll still need to plan before construction. Working Bela Development will take the guesswork out of the way, so your plans are approved by the city the first time, and your space is completed efficiently.

Guest house bedroom

5.Music or Art Studio

Who said your garage conversion had to be for work, health, or living? Your garage is pretty much a blank canvas where you can start from scratch on a studio. Add soundproofing to the walls and door to keep noise in (and away from your roommates or neighbors). Or, turn the space into an art studio where paint drip and splatter aren’t much of a concern. A little paint splatter on the floor of a garage isn’t such a bad thing.

art studio in a garage conversion

If you haven’t taken advantage of your garage space, now is the time. Turn your carport into a half-gym, half-office. Even add in a few yoga mats or a ballet barre if you have the space. Request a free consultation with a Bela Development expert to uncover the possibilities of your garage conversion.