What Is The Process Of Getting Your Kitchen Remodeled?

Kitchen style trends change about every ten to fifteen years, so homeowners will typically go through a few remodels in their lifetime. If you’ve never done a kitchen remodel before, you might be curious about what’s included in the process. The answers can vary depending on what level of remodeling project you plan to do. In-depth remodels can consist of demolition, new plumbing, and electrical wiring, as well as long wait times for new countertops and fixtures.

On average, a kitchen remodel from start to finish takes an average of 3-5 months from start to finish. If your vision goes beyond a simple cabinet and paint swap, you might want to keep reading. Kitchen remodeling can be a lengthy process if you don’t know what to expect or aren’t working with the right contractor.

We’re here to break it down for you using a full, from scratch remodel. Take a look at our tips on what to expect during any custom kitchen renovation.



If you plan to change the actual structural layout of your existing kitchen, you’ll need to do tear down and demolition. After removing all of your appliances, of course, you’ll knock out walls, old cabinetry, flooring, and any kitchen islands or structures that are in your way.

It’s important to map out where your structural support beams are located within your kitchen if you plan to knock out any walls. You’ll want to work around these beams to ensure that your house doesn’t collapse. You should also work with a contractor and the city to ensure that your gas and water are both shut off during demolition to avoid unnecessary leaks. A plumber should be able to go through this process with you. Don’t forget your safety goggles, gloves, and hardhat for this stage! Plus, you’ll need a pretty large dumpster.

Approximate time: 1 week

Kitchen demolition

Framing and Restructuring

If you plan to remove or add walls, you’ll need to reframe your kitchen based on the remodel plans. A kitchen remodel in Los Angeles will have its own set of city requirements to allow for permitting. Make sure that you’re working with a contractor who understands these requirements. Completing a kitchen remodel can be dragged out at this stage because it’s difficult to DIY the framing process. Leave it to a capable construction crew to get this part of the renovation process done correctly.

Approximate time: 2-4 weeks

House walls getting framed

City Inspection

Once you’ve completed the framing and rough-in work, you’ll need to get the kitchen inspected before putting in any drywall. An inspector will want to see the new plumbing and structural plans in place, so do not cover up your work. If you cover it up, you’ll need to rip it back open for the inspector.

Excellent kitchen remodel services in Los Angeles will know to schedule your inspection and apply for permits far in advance to speed up the construction timeline. Planning an inspection can take time, so don’t wait until the last minute. Your contractor should use an anticipated inspection date as motivation to follow your kitchen renovation timeline.

Man doing a site inspection of a home remodel

Finish Your Walls and Install Doors and Windows

Now that inspection is over, you can finish your walls with drywall and move on to doors and windows. Make sure that your electrician and plumber have given you the OK to take this step as well.

Remember to protect new doors and windows from paint and chips during the rest of the construction process. If you’re wondering where floors come in, keep reading. To avoid unnecessary damage to your new flooring, get further in the construction process before installing.

Approximate time: 1 week

Fresh kitchen drywall hung up


This is where you’ll start to see your new kitchen coming together. The wall color you choose will set the tone for the space and should compliment your cabinetry, countertops, floors, and any textiles you’re going to incorporate into the room. In most cases, it’s easiest to paint on a blank canvas and before the floors are installed, so make sure to finish your painting before the cabinets are installed and fixtures are added.

Approximate time: 2-3 days

woman painting her interior walls

Floors go in

Now it’s time to install your new flooring. Most types of flooring, including tile and hardwood, should go in before the cabinetry (vinyl and laminates are the exceptions to this). Like our other materials, work with your contractor to get your tile or wood floors ordered in advance. Account for possible shipping delays because if anything is guaranteed in a remodel, it’s that delays are possible!

Approximate time: 2-3 days

man installing kitchen flooring

Cabinets, Fixtures, and Countertops

This is where the fun comes in with Los Angeles kitchen design. You can now begin the installation process for your cabinets, plumbing fixtures, backsplashes, and countertops. At this point, you’ll start watching your vision become a reality, and you can play around with different colors and swatches if you haven’t already made all of your decisions. You’ll also be installing your sink basin and faucet, as well as a garbage disposal, so get your plumber on your schedule in advance.

Approximate time: 2-4 weeks

kitchen cabinets and countertops

Bring In Appliances

Start introducing appliances to your space. You should already have places ready to go for your refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, and stove, and installation will be pretty fast. Depending on where you order your appliances, you can have them delivered and installed for free.

Approximate time: 1-5 days

Kitchen appliances

Add Finishing Details, Hardware, Decorations and Kitchen Supplies

Once you’ve tested out all your new appliances, your new kitchen is ready to be stocked up. Add decorations and select tableware, cookware, and silverware that enhance your new design. Make note of any malfunctions in your water or gas and have them checked out immediately.

Kitchen decor details

The best way to keep your kitchen remodel costs down and running smoothly is to work with an experienced contractor like Bela Development. See a portfolio of all of our Los Angeles home remodels and find out why so many homeowners trust us in the area. Our team of design experts will help you pick the best style and layout for your dream kitchen. Plus, we’ll use our extensive network to ensure that you’re getting the best materials and labor possible for a fast remodel turnaround time. Book a free consultation today and be cooking in your dream kitchen in no time.