Design Showcase: Mid-Century Modern Los Angeles Home Remodel

Today we’ll be walking you through one of our favorite total home remodel projects. We transformed a mid-century modern home into a contemporary masterpiece, all while keeping some of the home’s original charm and a few fixtures that we could incorporate into our final design.

At Bela Development, we pride ourselves on transforming a house into a home and coming up with stylish designs that reflect the tastes and needs of our clients. Our client was looking to freshen up their space on this project and give it a more clean and modern feel. Equipped with a team of interior design experts, engineers, architects, and so much more, we were able to transform the home’s interior from top to bottom, including a full kitchen renovation, new laundry amenities, and complete hardwood flooring installation.

As designers, we love getting to turn a client’s dream into reality, no matter the size of the project. That being said, we love a complete home remodel. We’re able to use some creative freedom and map out an excellent flow, giving the entire home design a sense of unity. So, let’s dive into one of our favorite projects to date: our mid-century modern to a contemporary home remodel.


Lucky for these homeowners, we had quite a bit of space for a kitchen renovation in Los Angeles:

  1. We replaced their cabinets with a more modern white shaker-style, finished with black bar hardware.
  2. To contrast the white, our designer used black hexagon tiles for the kitchen backsplash. Bright white grout became the space’s focal point, adding eye-popping contrast and giving the entire room a chic feel.
  3. We chose white quartz countertops and black stainless steel appliances, and a double-door refrigerator.


To continue with the modern look in the bathroom and give it an industrial feel, we went with a crisp, clean design with matte black accents. We lined the shower with white horizontally laid subway tile and black grout. To create some harmony with the kitchen, we tiled the bathroom floor with large hexagonal black tiles. For us, a bathroom remodel in Los Angeles should reflect the feel of the city, so we went with classic lines, a sleek vanity design, and all-black fixtures.


We went with a simple, clean look for the bedrooms in this home. Dark hardwood floors, off-white wall paint, and a modern, curved blade, dark wood ceiling fan took the space from basic to a tasteful blank canvas. Los Angeles is known for sweltering summers, so it was essential to avoid carpets anywhere in the home. These older homes tend to hold heat, and the hardwood helps to keep things reasonably cool.

Los Angeles home bedroom remodel

Living Room

Our client’s living room had spectacular curved ceilings, which isn’t something we usually see in Los Angeles, to highlight these we added with contemporary recessed lighting. We also wanted to add something to tie in the rest of the new features in this home, so we installed a black fireplace. The material is a perfect match to the kitchen sink and gives the entrance an immaculate modern finish.

Living room renovation in a Los Angeles home

Laundry Add-On

Finally, our client wanted to add laundry appliances somewhere in the home. So when we reworked the kitchen layout, we made room for a stacked washer and dryer that would blend beautifully into the space. In addition, we intentionally made the fridge and the laundry appliances match to keep the kitchen color-coordinated.

Laundry addition in kitchen

About the Build

Part of what we love about design is being able to transform a person’s home completely. A handful of cosmetic touch-ups and renovations took this once outdated house and increased its appeal and value.

At Bela Development, we work extremely hard to make sure our clients are with us every step of the way. After booking a free consultation, we focus on budget and needs. Can the client’s initial budget match their needs? Where can we find wiggle room to save money, and where should we dedicate certain budget portions? Then, based on our extensive knowledge of the market in Los Angeles, we can guide smart and not-so-smart purchases for your home.

Next, we work with an extensive network of material vendors and contractors, acting as your general contractor to oversee the project from start to finish. As such, Bela Development handles delays, permitting, and inspections, so you don’t have to. We keep our clients informed but save all the stress and planning for ourselves.

If you’re interested in home design in Los Angeles, whether you’re renovating or in pre-construction planning, Bela Development can help bring your project to the next level. See a portfolio of all of our Los Angeles home remodels and contact us to get started on taking your house to the next level.