8 of our favorite interior design styles in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to some of the world’s most unique and influential architectural designs. Much like Paris’ flamboyant Belle Époque style or elaborate Moorish design in Morocco, buildings in Los Angeles have a style and a flavor all their own. As a result, places like Santa Monica and Downtown LA have set the scene for a good chunk of modern design worldwide.

Just outside of LA, you’ll find Spanish-style beach homes in Orange County; in Palm Springs, you’ll see how perfectly mid-century modern mixes with the desert landscape. Within the county limits, the boroughs of LA have their takes on architectural fusion, where the desert meets minimalist and mission revival meets modern.

For decades LA has been at the forefront of lifestyle, fashion, music, and of course, film and TV, but we think it’s time to pay homage to one of LA’s other outstanding contributions to modern culture. So take a look at our top picks for LA’s most fabulous design styles.

1. Curated Art Collection

If you’re picturing a sprinkling of framed paintings on your wall, stop right now! An LA-style curated art collection should be the centerpiece of your space. Curated art fits into a more eclectic interior design style, but you can incorporate it into any setup.

The great thing about LA is that your art collection doesn’t necessarily need to be by a famous artist or come from a chic art gallery – the art you choose needs to fit your space and bring you joy (or some other emotion, it’s up to you). From a Beverly Hills mansion to an Echo Park studio, curated art collections bring a sense of personality to a home.

Homes with personal and artistic gallery walls

2. Updated Mid-Century Modern

LA architects have put a unique spin on mid-century modern. What you might picture when you think of Palm Springs – retro colors, vintage furniture, and a mixture of curvy lines – has been reimagined in Los Angeles. The new style incorporates darker colors and an industrial feel into the classic mid-century modern look.

Mid-century modern dining room

3. Tasteful Beach House

Here, we’re emphasizing the word “tasteful.” This interior design style doesn’t have a “This Way to the Beach” sign or a jar full of sea glass and sand dollars sitting on the coffee table. It’s a beach house in the sense that the design and decor give a coastal feel. Warm neutrals and luxe, natural fabrics are mixed with cool accents. These homes have no shortage of natural light and usually stick to an open floor plan. The tasteful beach house intends to make the space feel laid-back, much like the entire city of Malibu, CA.

light airy, coastal living room

4. Indoor-Outdoor Living

Angelenos are undeniably blessed with the world’s perfect climate (unless, of course, you’re living in Pasadena in late summer). Sparse rainfall mixed with a dry climate makes Los Angeles ideal for merging indoor and outdoor living. Plus, and perhaps most importantly, there are few bugs! Newer, higher-budget builds are using pocket doors and extra-large windows to make the transition between indoor and outdoor as seamless as possible.

indoor-outdoor living in Los Angeles

5. Ultra Minimalist with Dark Primaries

Think flat, seamless kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances, everything of the highest quality. This minimalist look uses a dark solid as its primary color and hides pretty much any possible clutter. It’s becoming more popular in modern kitchens, where designers opt for dark marble countertops over the once-popular white.

Of course, pulling off this look can get quite pricey, so you’ll want a designer like Bela to help you with kitchen remodel in Los Angeles. That way, you’re sure to get the best materials at the best prices.

Dark, sleek kitchen

6. Modern Farmhouse

Perhaps the antithesis of dark minimalism is modern farmhouse. This look has a farmhouse feel with more up-to-date materials and colors. Instead of natural and painted woods, you’ll get dark-stained woods and metal. Los Angeles architecture has combined the best pieces of both designs and created a more modern take on a timeless classic.

Modern farmhouse kitchen

7. Light and Airy Loft Space

Downtown LA is full of new construction, and a lot of people are drawn to the high-ceilings and concrete floors in loft spaces. Interior designers and architects have somehow taken low-cost buildings and square, somewhat plain areas and turned them into the archetypal LA apartment that we see in movies, TV, and music. These spaces emphasize the abundant natural light and the industrial feel, adding color and life through lots of plants.

Loft in downtown Los Angeles

8. Desert Minimalism with Warm Neutrals

Go to Venice, and you’re sure to find this look on every street. Desert minimalism combines warm neutrals, natural fabrics, and probably some pampas grass. The color scheme should be beige, raw wood, cream, and off-white, with burnt orange or gold accents. If you’re thinking about a home remodel in Venice, this look will fit right in.

Warm, desert neutral interior design

Your home is a reflection of you. So if you can employ design services, choose a design style that brings you joy and showcases your style. Whether you like a calming, neutral look or you want something with a little bit more playful pizazz, the interior design trends coming out of LA are sure to make an impression on anyone who enters your home.

If you’re interested in remodeling your home, designing from scratch, or even just shaking things up in your kitchen or living room, Bela Development can fulfill all of your home decor needs. Request a free consultation and find out how easy it can be to turn your home into a piece of art.