Luxurious Outdoor Living Space Ideas in Los Angeles

More time spent at home has meant more time to enjoy outside living spaces, especially if you’re lucky enough to live in Los Angeles. Turning that outside space into something more luxurious that you’ll want to spend even more time in is a dream for many homeowners.

Here are a few outdoor living space ideas to turn your backyard into a luxurious oasis made for relaxation. Perhaps you’ll get some ideas for your home’s potential landscape and hardscape design in the process.

Outdoor Dining

Dinners can get much more interesting if they’re happening in a freshly landscaped, luxe backyard. On top of patio and dining furniture that’s comfortable and meets the needs of your regular dining habits, consider lighting fixtures that bring some of your home’s interior elements outside.

If you have the space and already love grilling outside, an outdoor kitchen can be a fantastic upgrade to a home. Modern appliances mixed with rustic finishes that fit the look of an outside space will make dinner prep a fun experience for everyone.

Incorporate ways to bring the party outside if you like to entertain. Think sound systems that blend in with the surroundings. If you’re more about happy hour, an outside bar setup could be more your speed. Consider incorporating seating regardless to promote a more relaxed backyard space, even setting up an outdoor living room to expand on usable space in your home.

Outdoor kitchen

Enhance Existing Features

If your backyard is already working with a view, play up that panorama with seating or landscape design that makes your backyard’s natural features stand out. Mix hardscape with traditional landscaping to create spaces that stand out, rather than starting from scratch to create something that may not fit your existing backyard.

On a backyard remodel in Glendale, we used a home’s interesting footprint — a steep slope on a hilltop — to create a sustainable space that looked anything but planned for that flow. A path now winds down that same hilltop that may have seemed like a challenge to incorporate at the start. Landscaping Los Angeles can be about using the features you already have in a backyard space and incorporating them into new designs in special ways.

Glendale, backyard designed by Bela

Throw Some Shade

Los Angeles is one of the sunniest cities in the United States, making for plenty of opportunities to spend time outside rather than worry about inclement weather. When summertime hits and you’d like a respite from the sun, though, an option for shade in that backyard space landscape design is a welcome one.

Pergolas, retractable sunshades, oversized patio umbrellas, and gazebos are all beautiful options to add some shade to a backyard when the sun’s rays get too hot.

On a landscaping project in El Segundo, we installed a pergola to provide some necessary shade to make outdoor gatherings that much more pleasant, on top of framing the backyard with fresh plants that made the space even more inviting.

El Segundo backyard design by Bela

Spaces Made for Lounging

Outdoor living space ideas today are all about spaces that invite rest and relaxation while adding value to your home. Any backyard can boast resort-style vibes with the right outdoor furniture. Daybeds and comfy couches, porch swings and hammocks, and lounge chairs with nice, thick cushions all beg for more time spent in a luxurious backyard oasis.

Don’t forget about backyard features for after the sun goes down, either. Additional lighting to make use of a backyard at night isn’t just practical but ensures that your outside space is a place to relax no matter the time of day or night.

Comfy lounge area in a backyard

Statement Features

Los Angeles residents are lucky enough to be able to enjoy outdoor living year-round. Warm, summer days are conducive to pools and spa areas, but nights get cool enough that a fire pit would be a welcome addition to a backyard, as well.

If you want to go really big, consider turning your backyard into an outdoor theater, using lighting and seating strategically to set up a projector for unforgettable evenings at the movies without ever having to leave home.

If you’re already working with an inground pool or jacuzzi spa, create beautiful spaces that make a statement, but are functional, as well.

Pool cabanas or sitting areas are great for when you’re done taking a dip. Additional water features like lagoons and waterfalls can be meant more for mindfulness than a morning swim. And wooden decks can be an excellent alternative for those who want to stay dry. Incorporate additions to promote your backyard’s relaxing vibes or as a gathering space for everyone.

Woman lounging in a pool cabana overlooking the coast

If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed by your options, Bela Development can help you realize your vision for a luxe outside space that feels like you. We’re here to help you start designing your dream backyard today, no matter where you are in the process. Schedule a free consultation with us to get things going and learn more about backyard oases we’ve created for others just like you.